Divorce and Separation can be devastating on families. You need a lawyer who is understanding, compassionate and dedicated to help you through this life changing event. Attorney Finkelman is lawyer with a strong financial background who has represented hundreds of divorce clients.   The issues in divorce and separation include: Custody of the party’s minor children along with establishing primary placement & setting a parenting time schedule that is in the best interest of the children, calculating and establishing child support and other financial mattes that relate to children, advising on equitable division of the marital assets & guiding clients on the factors considered in determining an alimony award.

Attorney Finkelman is honest and dedicated to all of her clients.  She has been working in R.I. Family Court for more than a decade and has worked on hundreds of cases.  With this experience she is able to advise clients with accuracy.  She is extremely attentive all of her clients needs and communications.  Divorce is one of the worst life events to experience.  Do it with a lawyer who truly cares about you and your family and will be dedicated to you and your case.

Attorney Finkelman knows the great financial impact divorce has on the lives of family members. Divorce can be emotionally and financially devastating to families. With her financial experience and background, she advises her divorce clients on the division of marital property; property acquired during the course of marriage, as well as child support, and awards of alimony. She is compassionate, dedicated and determined to obtain the best results for her clients either by settlement or trial.


“She is very knowledgeable about the law and takes a no-nonsense approach to her practice! Highly recommended!!”


“I could have never made it through my situation without her. She knows the law and never steered me wrong! My kids and I are where we are because of her hard work and caring heart!”