Children cost money! Financial support for your children is important and it requires two incomes. You will need to consider the cost of food, clothing, shelter, medical costs, extracurricular activities, etc.   The court will enter an order of support until your child reaches the age of 18 and finishes high school (whichever happens second) but at no point beyond the age of 19 unless the child has a physical or mental impairment that renders the child unable to care for him or herself and thus it would require an order of support be made beyond the normal statutory period.

As a mother of two, Attorney Finkelman knows what it takes to raise children.  That, coupled with her extensive knowledge of R.I. Family Court makes her an outstanding advocate in cases where child support is ordered.  Having represent both the payor and payee she can properly advise clients of what a likely order of support will be.  She is extremely attentive and dedicated to all of her clients and cases.  Don’t settle for less…call Attorney Finkelman for a consultation today.

In calculating child support the court considers the income of both parents, the cost of healthcare premiums, daycare costs, the number of children needing support, and the expenses related to the children. Attorney Finkelman advises her clients by calculating child support ranges using the factors the court would consider when making an order of support.

Call today for a calculation of child support; you may even be entitled to a modification of an existing order of support!

Attorney Finkelman knows the great financial impact divorce has on the lives of family members. Divorce can be emotionally and financially devastating to families. With her financial experience and background, she advises her divorce clients on the division of marital property; property acquired during the course of marriage, as well as child support, and awards of alimony. She is compassionate, dedicated and determined to obtain the best results for her clients either by settlement or trial.


“She is very knowledgeable about the law and takes a no-nonsense approach to her practice! Highly recommended!!”


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