Alimony is an award of spousal support obligating one spouse to pay another. It is rehabilitative in nature so as to allow the oblige/recipient the opportunity to become self-supportive. After the Court equitably divides the marital assets of the estate, the court will consider an alimony award, if applicable. The court considers whether the obligee needs more money to live and whether the obligor spouse can afford to pay more money for the rehabilitative support of the obligee spouse. The court considers many factors in making an alimony award and then will set an amount of alimony for a period of time.

Attorney Finkelman knows the great financial impact divorce has on the lives of family members. Divorce can be emotionally and financially devastating to families. With her financial experience and background, she advises her divorce clients on the division of marital property; property acquired during the course of marriage, as well as child support, and awards of alimony. She is compassionate, dedicated and determined to obtain the best results for her clients either by settlement or trial.


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